Wedding Plans are in full swing…

Good morning everyone! 

Now, as some of you know, i’m getting married!! The time has begun for wedding plans to get moving and i’m so excited! 


Not much has been done so far, we are currently in the process of viewing venues for the reception! We’ve pick three different venues that we are going to look at over the next few weeks! Now, as excited as I am about this, I’m also a little worried! I’ve never planned a wedding before of picked out a venue for anything, so i’m worried i’ll pick the wrong one! 

I keep trying to think of everything that we want in a venue and thinking of questions that need to be asked, how many people can you accommodate? Whats the cost? How stocked is the bar area? 

Who knew that there are so many different things to consider when picking out a venue for your wedding! Life is getting crazy enough with trying to finish my 3rd year of uni, and now i’m adding extra stress of wedding planning….clearly I secretly like giving myself too much to do at once!! 

Now, I’d love for any of my readers who have already had their wedding or any of are also planning a wedding to share with me the types of questions or things you looked for in a venue when picking one out! It would be very helpful for me!! 

Hope you all having a lovely week! 

Love and Hugs, 




Lover Lamp Bath Bomb <3

Morning all! 

I’m back with another Lush product review for you all! So, valentine’s day has just been and this bath bomb is perfect for this time of the year!  Today’s product is the Lover Lamp Bath Bomb


It’s such a romantic looking product, super cute with the simple white and then lovely little hearts. The scent of this product is again very romantic, I find it to be a very sweet and soft scent, with hints of vanilla and possibly a very mellow scent of orange.  

The bath water turns a white cloudy colour which is so pretty with tons of little tiny hearts are released as the bomb fizzes away, kinda feels like your have a bath in a cloud! The big red heart are left floating around the bath, they do melt after a while, leaving the oils and butters to absorb into the bath water!   

This product has coco butter in it, therefore leaves skin feeling amazing after! I have found with some of the Lush products that have coco butter in, it leaves me feeling more greasy then soft, but this one has just the right amount of butter to make my skin feel great! 

I really am a big fan of this product! Great for your skin and just an overall sweet and romantic experience which leaves you feeling happy and relaxed! I will be getting a few more of these before they disappear until next year!! 

Love and Hugs, 



Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover Review!

Morning All! 

Hope you’r all well and enjoying life! I’ve got another little beauty product review for you all today! The product is the Nivea Daily Essential Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover! I’ve read and heard so many good things about this product, so I was looking forward to giving it a go as i’m always looking for a good eye make-up remover. 


I’ve read an article on about the best eye make-up removers, and this one got a really good review and received a 9.5 out of 10, so I thought I’d give it a go and was really hoping that I would enjoy the product and use it everyday. However this wasn’t the case 😦 I am not a big fan of this remover!

I find that although it does do the job is meant too, I have to rub my eye a bit which end up irritating the area around my eyes. I also found it leaves my face feeling really greasy from the oil that is used in the product, so I tend to have to wash my face a number of times after to get it back to feeling non greasy.

Although this product doesn’t sting or burn if it gets into your eye, it makes my vision go super blurry for a while after use, which I don’t really enjoy all that much! So overall I was a little disappointed with this make-up remover. It’s not at all like what I expected it to be like. 

So my search for a good eye make-up remover continues! Has any got any recommendations for an eye make-up remover that is fab and does the job it’s meant too without any negatives, if you do, please share with me! 

Love and Hugs, 



Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb Review…

Hello Everyone! 

Yes, more Lush products! I feel like my blog is turning into more of fashion/beauty and Lush reviews rather than anything else! I’m going to give a little review on the Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb today! 


Now this is the first review of a Lush product that I have not liked or enjoyed! I really thought that this bath bomb would be right up my street, but that just wasn’t the case! It’s a beautiful and romantic looking product, but that’s about all I liked about it! 

Firstly, the scent, to me it smelt alright when I looked at the product in the shop, knowing that the scent sometimes weakens once it’s placed in the bath, I thought it would turn into more of a mellow floral scent, I was wrong, very wrong.  The scent got so much stronger and ended up leaving me with a bit of a sore head! Also, I think the scent smells like a old people…no offence to any old people reading this!!!

 The rose buds, as cute as they may be, are very annoying! I thought that they would possibly dissolve in the bath like some of the other added features in Lush bath bombs do…but these didn’t they just floated around the bath and then I had to fish them out at the end.


As well as the downsides to the product that I have already mentioned, it’s not left my skin feeling the lovely soft feeling that Lush products usually leave my skin. My skin feels sticky and not so nice.

So overall, I’m not a massive fan of this bath bomb, which is a shame because I’m usually a fan of all the products! I think this is one that I won’t be giving another go :(!

Have you used this product, did you enjoy it or share my feelings on it?

Love and Hugs,



Tough Times are Temporary…

Hello everyone! 

Today’s post is more of a personal one. Recently I’ve been having a really tough time with university, not only the vast amount of work that i’ve had to do, but also the last semester was not a good experience at all! There have been a number of times when I’ve thought about giving up and many tears had over the situation. I’ve spent many nights looking like this over the situation..had myself some serious meltdowns, it’s not been pretty! 


It’s been really tough, but I keep telling myself that tough times are only temporary! That semester is over, I need to move forward and try and enjoy my final semester as a university student.  Although I’m a little worried about what the next few months have in store for me, I know it can’t be any worse than what is was. I need to turn a horrible experience into a good one! I have something like 4 months left of university and I plan to make the most of it, push myself as hard as a can to achieve everything I want. 

So for all of you out there, who are struggling with university, just know that you are not the only one! Take a step back, make yourself re-focus on the end target and know that you can do whatever you set your mind too.  I’ve learnt that things don’t always go the way you planned, and issues get thrown at you, but you can’t always run and hide, you’ve got to face them head on (with the occasional meltdown)!  Never lose hope, and never give up on yourself and your accomplishments! 


This post has been more for me, than for anyone else. My blog is a place for me to go to escape the everyday, so I thought this would be the best place for me to remind myself of all of this! I hope that maybe this post might help someone out there who is struggling with things to remember that tough times are temporary and that they can get through it. 

Love and Hugs,



January Beauty Favs!

Good Morning Lovely People! 

We are at the end of January already! How did that happen? I have a feeling that this year is going to fly by! Today’s post is all about my beauty favourites for the month of January! I’ve been a big fan of a few different products ranging from make-up to everyday essentials!


As you can see, two product are from The Body Shop, i’ve never really used many products from here because I found it too expensive! However if you get the timing right and shop while there is a sale on, it makes the products much more affordable!  

The 1st product was recommended to me and once I had used it once, I fell in love and now it is part of my daily skin care routine! The Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter is a must have! Great with my sensitive skin and overall a fantastic product.. I’m going to be doing a full review on this product at some point, so keep a look out for it! 

Another Body Shop product that I’m currently really enjoying is the Concealer All In One in shade 01. Really good concealer, gives a really good coverage and it’s good for both under eye concealer and also for covering up blemishes! 

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, a multipurpose product!  I have been loving the results of cleaning my make-up brushes with this shampoo! I’ve always struggled to get my brushes really clean and looking new again until I started using this as a cleaning product! I’ve also been using it as shampoo as I find that it just cleans out other products out better then other shampoo’s that i’ve used in the past. 

Last but not least… Barry M Blink Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen! I’ve only really recently started using liquid eyeliner, because to be honest, it used to scare me! But this pen is really good for beginners! So easy to use and gives me a lovely finish to my eye make-up! It’s been really good to use while i’ve been learning to do the ‘wing’ eyeliner look! I would highly recommend this to anyone who uses liquid eyeliner! I’m very much in love with this product!

There are my favourites for this month! Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! See you all soon! 

Love and Hugs, 





Hello Everyone! 

It’s that time again, another Outfit of the Day post!  I am currently really into my fashion and beauty, so I’ve been trying out different kind of outfits that would normally be out of my comfort zone! Since i’ve lost some weight recently, i’m feeling better than ever! My self esteem and confidence has rocketed, hence experimenting with new fashions! 



Boots – £13

Leggings – £8

Shirt – £10

Top – £1

Beanie Hat – £2

I am in love with this outfit, and I know I say that about all the outfits I post to my blog, but this one is my all time favourite, it is an outfit that makes me feel amazing in myself, I feel like it shows that I have lost weight and that I’m feeling much more comfortable in my own skin! 

I have also in the past week or so, fallen in love with jewellery! I’ve never really been a girl who loves wearing tons of jewellery, normally all I have on is my engagement ring! But I’ve brought myself a wonderfully lovely and beautiful Rose Gold watch, which it now a must for every outfit I wear! I am so in love with it! I’ve had the pandora bracelet for ages but never really wore it, but now, just like my watch, it is a must wear! 


With this outfit, i’ve gone for a simple curly hair, with the front pinned to the side, which you can’t see because of my hat! I just think this hairstyle looks really good with the hat! Now, as I said before, I am currently very into my make -up, still trying to learn new skills and techniques to make it look good! This week I have mastered the ‘winged’ eyeliner look, and I am in love! Feel like it just lifts my eyes and opens them up a bit more! (Excuse the massive spot on my chin!) 


So there you go, another of my outfits of the day! I do really enjoy creating these posts! Going out and taking pictures, even though it’s freezing at the moment, it’s still fun to do! Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have!

Love and Hugs,



Let it go…Frozen Bath Bomb Review!

Hello My Loves! 

It’s time for yet another Lush Bath Bomb Review! Yes, there has been lots of Lush posts recently and most likely some more to come, so I’m sorry if your getting fed up of them! Stick with me, lots more beauty and fashion and life posts coming up in the next few weeks! 

Lush – £3.95

Frozen Bath Bomb… It’s a love/hate relationship! This product is super pretty, leaves the bath water looking amazing! This makes me love it, as I love a bath that looks pretty! Love that it turns the bath a lovely frozen blue colour with glitter, which looks incredible. However, sadly I found some negatives with this one! 😦 


Personally, I thought there was very little scent, it smells wonderful before it goes into the bath, but once it’s in….it goes dead and there is no lasting scent. Also, for a bomb that is named after a film (which is a fantastic by the way), it wasn’t all that fantastic!  I found it to be a little boring, it just fizzed away slowly, changing the colour of the water, adding a few glittery bits, but I expected more from it! So a little disappointed with this one. 

So although this is a love/hate relationship with this bath bomb! It wont be my first choice for future baths, but I would use it again just because of how pretty it is! 

Are you a fan of the Frozen Bath Bomb, or were you a little disappointed too? 

Love and Hugs, 



Dropping The Pounds!

Good morning everyone! 

Hope you are all well and enjoying the start of 2016! I’ve already been working hard on myself and  I am more determined than ever to get myself in shape and to lose this horrible weight! 


Over the past few months, I’ve been working very hard on myself, on making myself love myself a little bit more. One of my main insecurities is my weight. So, I’ve changed my diet and started working out..and it’s been working and I’ve been seeing some changes in my appearance and I am feeling great about it! It’s amazing how much my confident in myself has increased since i’ve made this change to my lifestyle!    

One of the biggest changes i’ve made is cutting out fizzy, sugary drinks. I’ve said goodbye to my favourite drinks and have been focusing on increasing my water intake! I’ve been drinking around 2 litre of water every day! Since doing this, I’ve felt much better, had more energy and it’s cleared my skin up! 

Image from Google

I’ve never really liked working out, but I have been forcing myself to get up and do it! I’ve been using a workout dvd recently to get my exercise..and I have been loving it! Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz is amazing! It consists of a warm up, 12 three minute workouts,  a cool down and then an extra section which focuses on working the abs. I started doing three of the short workouts, along with the warm up, cool down and the extra abs sections. I’m now up to eight 3 minute sections! It might not seem like a massively difficult workout, but for me it is, but it’s also working for me!


I’m feeling so much better for working out and cutting out certain foods from my diet. I’m not going to lie, I am missing my fizzy drinks and chocolate and it’s been really difficult to force myself to do my workouts… but I know that it will all be worth it when I get down to my target weight!

I’m very pleased with the progress I’ve already made, I’ve lost just over 10lbs in around six weeks! So hopefully by continuing with my lifestyle changes, I will be down to my target in no time!  

Put your mind to something and you can do it! 

Love and hugs,




Lush Tag!

Hello everyone! 

Something a bit different today! I was recently tagged in a lush post, which has asked a few questions regarding Lush products! So thank you Lush Upon A Time

Image from Google

What was your first…

1. Lush Bath Bomb?

My First Bath Bomb was the Dragon Egg!

2. Lush Bubble Bar?

Only recently starting using bubble bars, my 1st one that I used was The Comforter 🙂

3. Lush Massage Bar?

I am yet to try a massage bar! So if anyone has any recommendation for a good one to try, let me know in the comments! 

4. Lush Shower Gel/Cream?

Snow Fairy! ❤

5. Lush Shower Jelly?

The 1st shower jelly that I used was Sweetie Pie! 🙂

6. Lush Fresh Face Mask?

Again, I am yet to try a face mask! My face is super sensitive so I am a little scared of using a face mask just in case it upsets my face! 

8. Lush Bar of Soap?

Bohemian! ❤

What is your favourite…

1. Lush store?

The Lincoln Lush Store! The staff are so lovely and helpful in there, and to be honest, it’s the closest store to me, so I always go in there when I get chance! 

2. Lush Bath Bomb?

I’ve got a few favourite bath bombs! I love the dragon’s egg, the experimenter, Frozen, Golden Wonder! Now I like all the bath bombs, but I think these one’s are at the top of my list!  Bath Bombs have to be my all time favourite Lush product! 

3. Lush Bubble Bar?

The Comforter has to be my favourite bubble bar, but I do love Magic Wand reusable bubble bar! ❤ 

4. Lush Massage Bar?

Again, haven’t used this product, so don’t have a favourite! Share your favourites with me so I can go try out some good ones! 

5. Lush Shower Gel?

So White forever and always

6. Lush Shower Jelly?

The Snowman and Sweetie Pie are my all time fav shower jelly! 🙂

7. Lush Fresh Face Mask?

Not used any – need to try and find my favourite face mask! 

8. What Lush products would you like to see come back/haven’t had a chance to try yet?

I’d really like the unicorn horn bubble bar to make a comeback as I never got around to trying it, and I really want it! 


Well, there you have it, the Lush Tag! I enjoyed doing this nice little tag, it was nice to be tagged in it! Go over to  Lush Upon a Time’s blog to see the original post and all things Lush!

Love and Hugs,